Never Sell Machinery or Equipment Without a Certified Appraisal

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11th Mar 2011

Due to sluggish market conditions, there is a large amount of equipment and machinery available to potential buyers. If a business owner is looking to sell equipment or machinery, he or she needs to know how much their assets could potentially be worth in the market. And for that reason, potential sellers need to know what it’s all worth.

The differences among the types of machinery and equipment asset valuations – orderly liquidation valueforced liquidation value, and fair market value – are dependent upon the business’s situation and the time frame in which the assets need to be liquidated. Of course, there are other circumstances that determine the current value of equipment, such as in the case of custom machinery.

Some sellers, like those whose businesses are in dire circumstances, may be forced to sell and get the best price for the equipment as quickly as possible. However, for others who may not be in such a rush to sell, knowing the market value of their equipment can help them make better informed decisions about whether to sell now or not.

It is essential for business owners to know the value of their equipment, especially if they are looking to sell so that they can receive the best possible price in the current market. A Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) can determine that value.

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