Business Valuation

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29th Apr 2014

Do You Know What The Business Is Worth?

The answer to that question can affect your most important decisions. Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc. provides a full range of Asset Valuations Services, Business Consultation Services, business valuation services in Wichita, Kansas. Why would you need a business valuation? If you are in need of any of the following business planning or implementation strategies, you need a business valuation.

Business Sellers

Business Buyers


Succession Planning

Business Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Tax Purposes

Partnership Buy-Out / Sell-Out

An Appraisal/Valuation starts by defining the purpose and use of the Appraisal.  Next is the process of understanding the Business, what it is, what it does, and the Income and Cash Flow it produces.  One or more approaches to value will be used – Asset Approach, Income Approach, and Market Approach.  Within each Approach there are a number of valuation Methods that will be selected and used as are appropriate under the circumstances.

Our experience with many types of closely held businesses, not only as a Business Appraisal in Wichita, Kansas and Business Brokerage in Wichita, Kansas, but also with experience as a buyer, operator, and the seller, provides the basis to find and evaluate all of the elements that contribute to or detract from the value in each business. We believe the appraisal process is both a science and an art that need to be combined to properly determine the value.