John R. Harris

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14th Feb 2016

John R. Harris, ASA, MCBC, CM&AA, President – Wichita, Kansas Double ASA Certification, Certified General Appraisal License in several states and 35+ years of experience. Download John Harris’s CV / Qualifications for Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Here Download John Harris’s CV … more

Douglas L. Harris

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Douglas L. Harris, MCMEA, SBA, – Wichita, KS Douglas L. Harris holds a General Appraisal License in multiple States with over 30+ years of appraisal experience. He has operated nationally in the appraisal field, particularly in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado … more

Candice Hevle

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Candice D Hevle, MCMEA, CSBA – Bakersfield and Central California, – Master Appraiser, Lead Researcher Involved in residential and commercial real estate, machinery appraisals, and is the lead research analyst for MCS Inc. Candice began her appraisal career in 1993 … more

Chris Rials

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Chris Rials, MCMEA, CSBA – Director of Peak Appraisal Group Master Certified Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA), Senior Business Analyst (SBA). Chris Rials currently owns Peak Appraisal Group, which performs a wide array of Machinery and Equipment Appraisals and Business Valuations throughout … more

Larry G. Widmer

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Larry G. Widmer, CPA, MCMEA, SBA, – Wichita, KS Office Larry G. Widmer is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Business Counselor (CBC), MCMEA, and SBA designations. Widmer specializes in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures with particular emphasis on valuation … more

Nathan J Bazzle

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2nd May 2014

Nathan J. Bazzle, MCMEA, CSBA, Strategic Alliance / Advisor, Owner of Appraise More – Strategic Marketing, Certified Senior Business Analyst, Author, Entrepreneur. Nathan Bazzle has over 16 years of business consulting experience and holds the prestigeous Master Certification in Machinery and Equipment Appraisal (MCMEA). … more