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29th Apr 2014

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc., gives you an undeniable advantage. Our network of consultants brings you knowledge, experience, and vital communication. More than that we offer a real commitment to matching buyers and sellers. We never waste time “forcing” a deal that just doesn’t fit. We use our talents to find the match that makes everybody a winner. Most importantly, we save you many times the normal fee. Call us today and find out why so many businesses have been sold through our efforts. Buyers, sellers and Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc.

Question: How do I sell a Business for the Most Money

You’ve decided to sell you business. Now what do you do? How do you find a buyer without telling your competitors or employees that your going “out of business?” How do you present and price the business most effectively? How do you qualify a buyer before disclosing  confidential information? Most importantly, how do you spend the time needed to sell your business without neglecting its operation?

The Answer: Team Up with an Experienced Broker

A professional business broker/consultant can give you the advantage you need to profit from the sale of your business. His experience and expertise can smooth out the most complicated deal. He can carry you over hurdles that are often “deal killers” things like financing or attorney’s gridlock. A good broker can guide you every step of the way.

Remember too, a good broker is well connected, not only with buyers but also with other professionals whose services you may need at just the right moment. He can make sure you keep costs to a minimum when seeking professional guidance.

Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc., provides you, the seller, with all of these advantages and more. Our experience, connection, and expertise add up to an advantage you shouldn’t be without.

Question: How do I buy a Business the Right Way?

You’ve decided to look for a business to buy. But where do you start looking? How do you effectively sift out the good deals from the bad ones? What do you look for in a business, and how do you know if it’s right? What legal considerations should you weigh carefully, and when do you need your attorney? How can you be sure you’ve thought of everything before you commit to an agreement?

The Answer: Team Up with an Experienced Broker

Business broker/consultants often work for buyers as well as sellers. When they work for a seller, their job is not to “wheel and deal” or “hook”  a buyer. Their job is to help the seller package and present his business in a clear and professional manner. Their services also include finding and qualifying the right buyer, the one who really needs what the seller is offering. In other words, a broker looks for the perfect match.

It stands to reason that a good broker/consultant is as valuable to a buyer as he is to a seller. The broker knows about many unadvertised business opportunities. He knows the hard facts about these businesses and can help a buyer evaluate each one according to his/her personal circumstances. The buyer is never given a sales pitch. He is shown how to scrutinize an opportunity through the same time-tested formulas on which any Harvard MBA would rely.

Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc., can help you as a buyer by creating advantages you never thought you could have. If there is a business for sale that is right for you, we will not only find it, we will see to it that your acquisition takes place fairly and smoothly.