John Harris

John R. Harris John R. Harris, ASA, MCBC, CM&AA, President Wichita, Kansas Double ASA Certification, Certified General Appraisal License in several states and 35+ ...more

Doug Harris

Douglas L. Harris Douglas L. Harris, MCMEA, SBA, Wichita, KS Douglas L. Harris holds a General Appraisal License in multiple States with over 30+ years of appraisal expe...more

Candi Hevli

Candice Hevle Candice D Hevle, MCMEA, CSBA Bakersfield and Central California, Master Appraiser, Lead Researcher Involved in residential and commercial real es...more

Chris Rials

Chris Rials Chris Rials, MCMEA, CSBA Director of Peak Appraisal Group Master Certified Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA), Senior Business Analyst (SBA). Chris Rials curren...more

Larry Whitmer

Larry G. Widmer Larry G. Widmer, CPA, MCMEA, SBA, Wichita, KS Office Larry G. Widmer is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Business Counselor (CBC), MCMEA,...more

Nathan Bazzle Image

Nathan J Bazzle Nathan J. Bazzle, MCMEA, CSBA, Strategic Alliance / Advisor, Owner of Appraise More  Strategic Marketing, Certified Senior Business Analyst, Author, Ent...more