1000+ Businesses Helped and 1,000,000+ Pieces of Equipment Appraised. Our Machinery Equipment Appraisers have extensive experience in a range of practice areas oriented toward the needs of businesses, business people, property owners, lenders, and attorneys.

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals



Asset Valuations  Services

You need to know what to expect when you need an appraisal of your Business assets, machinery and equipment, and or inventory. Just what goes into a Certified Appraisal Report? A USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant Report mandates specific information about the subject property to withstand scrutiny by the IRS, Lenders, Courts, Attorneys, CPA’s, and others.!

Company & Business Valuation

The answer to that question can affect your most important decisions. Marketing & Consultant Services, Inc. Industrial Appraisal Company provides a full range of business valuation services, equipment appraisal services, machinery and equipment valuation, equipment appraisal certification, industrial equipment appraisers. Why would you need a business valuation? If you are in need of any of the following business planning or implementation strategies, you need a business valuation, we are certified business appraiser, certified machinery & equipment appraiser, construction equipment appraisal.

Business Brokerage

We represent Buyers (and Sellers) of Businesses. We are the intermediary and negotiator between Buyer and Seller, and serve to buffer the stress of this complicated process. We are there to explain the process, help identify issues, and solve problems.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Focusing on Commercial and Industrial properties we Heavy Machinery & Equipment Appraisals work in virtually any of the United States of America. We are known for our expertise in appraising “unusual or complicated” properties.

Business Consultation Services

Utilizing our deep knowledge of Business Structure, Accounting Methodology, Current Business Trends, and Equipment Values / Business Values. We are able to quickly help a Business Owner make decisions or move forward on projects.

Meet the Appraisers

John R. Harris

John R. Harris, ASA, MCBC, CM&AA, President – Wichita, Kansas Double ASA Certification, Certified General Appraisal License in several states and 35+ years

Douglas L. Harris

Douglas L. Harris, MCMEA, SBA, – Wichita, KS Douglas L. Harris holds a General Appraisal License in multiple States with over 30+ years of appraisal experience.

Candice Hevle

Candice D Hevle, MCMEA, CSBA – Bakersfield and Central California, – Master Appraiser, Lead Researcher Involved in residential and commercial real estate,

Chris Rials

Chris Rials, MCMEA, CSBA – Director of Peak Appraisal Group Master Certified Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA), Senior Business Analyst (SBA). Chris Rials currently owns

Larry G. Widmer

Larry G. Widmer, CPA, MCMEA, SBA, – Wichita, KS Office Larry G. Widmer is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Business Counselor (CBC), MCMEA, and

Nathan J. Bazzle

Nathan J. Bazzle, MCMEA, CSBA, – Master Equipment Appraiser, Director of Certified Consulting Group LLC , Master Appraiser (MCMEA), Senior Business Analyst (CSBA)


We were in a very tight time crunch and your appraiser came through for us on a very short notice. He took extra time to explain his findings and was very easy to deal with. A GREAT Appraiser. 

Gery RichardsController

I am an attorney and represented a business client in a dispute over the value of construction equipment. We retained your appraiser to appraise it. He was competent and efficient, the two most important traits in an appraiser. I recommend him often.

Greg Butrum Attorney

Certifications of John Harris